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DistanceHotel NameCityPrice €
Within 2 KmsAenaoLimni Plastira55
Within 2 KmsAgrabeli ApartmentsLimni70
Within 2 KmsAstrolabe HotelLímni Evoias90
Within 2 KmsEnalia GiLimni90
Within 2 KmsGis ChrisopeleiaLimni Plastira40
Within 2 KmsGuesthouse DrimosLimni Plastira39
Within 2 KmsGuesthouse OdysseasLimni Plastira39
Within 2 KmsHerodotos StudiosLimni Keri (Zakynthos)28
Within 2 KmsIpsivaton Mountain ResortLimni Plastira63
Within 2 KmsKaminos ResortLimni Evias125
Within 2 KmsLithoktistoLimniónas59
Within 2 KmsMantas BayLimni Vouliagmenis70
Within 2 KmsMaria StudiosLimni Keri23
Within 2 KmsPezoula HotelLimni Plastira55
Within 2 KmsPlastiras HotelLimni Plastira36
Within 2 KmsPorto XroniaLímni50
Within 2 KmsRent Rooms AlexiouLímni55
Within 2 KmsVateriLímni Evias65
Within 2 KmsVilla OikonomouLimni Vouliagmenis300
Within 2 KmsVilla Viva la VidaLimni Vouliagmenis500
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